Our story

Lindsay Puttock - Studio Wanderlust

Lindsay Puttock (the creative behind Studio Wanderlust), was born and raised in the UK originating from a family of artists with a keen interest in travel. Thus, she has embraced a love for creativity and adventure from a young age. After completing a Bachelor degree in Fashion, Lindsay decided to fulfil one of her ambitions, to travel around the world.  After 2 years of adventure,  gaining a wealth of experiences, Lindsay decided to settle and begin her career as a fashion designer in London.

During this time Lindsay travelled the globe in search of design inspiration; sourcing fabrics and embellishments for garments; discovered the skills of artisanal communities and produced ranges with ethical manufacturers for the brands that she worked with.  As amazing as these experiences were, it turned out, however, that there was a creative piece of the puzzle missing where Lindsay found herself stuck, with a craving lust to wander.

Lindsay, whose adventurous spirit dwelled within, decided to follow her curiosity and created the most authentic chapter of her life. She left London and embarked on solo adventures throughout India, South East Asia, and South & Central America where she fuelled her imagination from a variety of indigenous sources of the textile industry. Drawn to the beauty of these traditional textiles, Lindsay developed a passion for translating that sparkle into unique printed textile design. Thus, she brought the idea of Studio Wanderlust to life.

At Studio Wanderlust all of our prints are original in design and created by Lindsay.  All the elements of the prints are hand drawn or painted before being digitally created into placement designs.  Each individual hand-drawn design paints the inspiring story behind the creation of that particular print. These prints resemble Lindsay’s inexhaustible imagination, based upon her eternal travels and bohemian spirit. Through a combination of modern with traditional elements and by mixing her sources of inspiration, Lindsay translates a sense of nostalgia and wander into each design, capturing the essence of bohemian luxe but with a hand-crafted and vintage feel

Our evolving collections at Studio Wanderlust are made from the best quality of fabrics with only natural fibres, with the aim that they can be treasured for a lifetime. Each collection by Studio Wanderlust is exclusive and ethically produced in very small quantities to ensure that each piece is unique.

As a designer, Lindsay loves to share the creative road towards each design with her customers and followers, providing an authentic narrative of the brand. In the end, it’s not that complex. We believe in promoting creativity through original design - design with a story!