How to wear the Studio Wanderlust kimono 

Kimono, kimono jacket, kimono cardigan, kimono robe, cover up, robe style jacket, cover up, overswim, beach cover, dress or loungewear robe. Whatever you choose to call it or however you prefer to wear it, the Studio Wanderlust kimono has been designed to be a versatile garment for everyday wear. Lighter than a standard jacket, more stylish than a cardigan, more modern than a kaftan and more luxurious than a dressing gown, our kimonos can add extra depth, character and flair to your wardrobe.

Thanks to its versatility, our kimonos can be worn in a variety of ways. They are easy to wear and can instantly glam up an otherwise simple outfit. In fact, the best thing about our kimonos is that you can wear the simplest of outfits underneath and let the kimono do all the talking. 

There are plenty of ways to make this adaptable garment work for you. The possibilities are very nearly endless, but here’s a few suggestions to get you started.

Day or night

Our kimonos worn over jeans will always be a winning outfit, or teaming it with these other simple separates can elevate an outfit.

Desert Bloom Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Summer Days Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Wanderlust Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

Indigo Haze Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Summer Days Kimono - Studio Wanderlust 

Indigo Haze Kimono - Studio Wanderlust  Indigo Haze Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

Styled for an occasion

Our kimonos can be effortlessly styled for a special occasion whether it’s for a festival, a wedding, a Birthday or a pool party! What you wear underneath and the accessories you choose can give our kimonos so many different looks. The styling options are endless.

Wanderlust Kimono - Studio Wanderlust  Styling Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

Over swimwear

If you want to add some cover by the pool or at the beach; to add a little style to your bathers or to give your skin a break from the sun, then try layering our kimonos over the top. More contemporary than a sarong, and more stylish than a kaftan. With its simplicity as a lightweight cover-up, it’s easy to throw on and off in between ocean swims or poolside cocktails, creating a casual boho beach look or a boho luxe resort style.

Styling Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Kimono Styling - Studio Wanderlust 

Summer Days - Studio Wanderlust  Styling Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

As a dress

If you want to wear our kimonos as the centerpiece of your outfit and not just a cover up, simply tie the belt and wear it as a dress or keep it tied, but loosen the belt a little for a relaxed fit over pants. Wear a simple slip underneath and untie the kimono to emphasise the beautiful drape, making it the feature of an outfit.

Wanderlust Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Wanderlust Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

As a loungewear robe

When the kimonos not being worn as part of an outfit, why not feel good around the house and wear it as a loungewear robe. The rayon fabric that our kimonos are made from is super soft and luxurious. The fabric is of a medium weight, so even with our lighter prints they aren’t too see through.

Desert Bloom Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Desert Bloom Kimono - Studio Wanderlust Desert Bloom Kimono - Studio Wanderlust

Our kimonos are designed and made for everyday wear and to wear all year round. A transeasonal garment that’s made to last. Most people think that kimonos are specifically for spring and summer, however, with a little creativity, and some layering, there is no reason why you can’t wear a kimono in the colder months. Our Kimonos are incredibly adaptable, and are an easy way to inject flare into any of your existing outfits. They are designed to be customised and made to be comfortable, hopefully something you can treasure for a lifetime.

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