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Summer Days

A tropical paradise with endless Summer days

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Summer Days Artwork - Studio Wanderlust

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Original artworks from Studio Wanderlust

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Studio Wanderlust - Wanderlust Kimono

Kimono Styling

How to wear our new Kimono

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design with a story

Desert Bloom
Recapturing memories of our travels through Mexico. A colour clash in a desert haze
Indigo Haze
Inspired by the wonders of Morocco. A maze of patterns and colours inspired by the ocean
Summer Days
Inspired by a place that we now call home. A tropical paradise with endless Summer days
Capturing a true sense of wanderlust and a passion for indigenous traditional textiles

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Indigo Haze Kimono

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I absolutely love my kimono, it's such an easy colour that I can wear it with everything. I wear it casually in the daytime and dress it up for night. The delivery was fast so I received it in perfect time for a weekend away

Rebecca LawsonMelbourne, Australia

I love my tribal dancer kimono. I always feel good wearing it. It's become a bit of a wardrobe staple as I wear it at work quite a lot, especially if there's a function. I always get compliments from my colleagues.

Audrey SuttonMelbourne, Australia

I bought two and have been wearing them to absolute death! They are beautiful, incredibly well made, and perfect sun cover, without being weighty. I can't wait to buy more when there are new designs. Couldn't recommend these enough

Lucy TessmannMelbourne, Australia


The creation of the Summer Days kimono

The creation of the Summer Days kimono

As a designer I love to share the creative process behind each of our prints designed here at Studio Wanderlust, promoting creativity through original design, which we call- design with a story. When someone purchases one of our kimonos, we like them to know the story behind that particular print that they have chosen - the travel adventure that inspired us; the amazing journey that...

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How to wear the Studio Wanderlust kimono  Kimono, kimono jacket, kimono cardigan, kimono robe, cover up, robe style jacket, cover up, overswim, beach cover, dress or loungewear robe. Whatever you choose to call it or however you prefer to wear it, the Studio Wanderlust kimono has been designed to be a versatile garment for everyday wear. Lighter than a standard jacket, more stylish than a...

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Different styles of kimonos

Different styles of kimonos

Kimonos are mostly associated with traditional Japanese textiles, granted with typical colors and length requirements that reach from head to toe. Historically, this traditional Japanese piece of clothing is meant to be worn during public appearance. Literally translated kimono means “a thing to wear”. ‘Ki’ being equal to wear, ‘mono’ being equal to thing. Obviously, with this in mind, there remains room for explanation on how to...

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